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Suspension Bushes

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Suspension Bushes

Shockshop carry a vast range of steering and suspension bushes in both urethane and rubber. The Superpro bushes are free pivoting and distort less under load to enhance handling and provide better vehicle control.

Superpro Bushes

Superpro's chemical formulation resists the aging effects of oil, acid, water,  all of which are present in any automotive application & easily destroys rubber.

Superpro Bushes also exhibit extreme resistance to wear caused by abrasion and impact. This relates to one of many technological advantages and has come about by the increase in tensile strength Superpro offers over similar products. Superpro offers an indefinite shelf life. It will not perish as opposed to rubber which starts to perish the instant it is molded.

Superpro operates under quality certification QS-9000 and AS/NZ ISO 9002. No other vehicle urethane bush manufacturer has achieved this level of certification. All Superpro products carry a lifetime warranty.

Key Benefits

  • Major increase in road holding & steering response
  • Improved safety
  • Free pivoting technology giving constant steering geometry
  • Less wear on other steering & suspension componentry and expensive tyres
  • Cures many common steering & suspension problems
  • (ie: axle tramp)
  • Resistant to all forms of wear – Long service and shelf life.
  • Vast range of applications

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