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Brake Service & Repairs

Warning! Poor brakes can cause road accidents.

Brake Service & Repairs

Brake services 


The friction of your tyres against the road is what slows down your car. The brakes are responsible for stopping the wheels from spinning.
Its the job of the brake pads and brake disks to create the resistance needed to cause this action. 



Front and Rear Reline

Worn components are replaced with parts that match or exceed original manufacturer’s specifications, or when an upgrade or change in driving conditions demands a different performance standard.

Disc and Drum Machining

For optimum life, smooth operation and better performance.

Caliper servicing and overhaul

Like any moving component of a car, calipers need attention and service. A worn or seized caliper can lead to uneven braking or worse total brake failure

Wheel cylinder replacement and service

Even for rare components, The Shock Shop has the skill and access to replacement or refurbished parts across New Zealand.

Hydraulic Service

Brake systems rely on functioning hydraulic parts and fluid to make a car stop as it should. From the booster to the pedal, we can ensure all components run smoothly and safely.

Disc Rotors

Brake rotors are the heart of the modern car’s braking system. Rotors or Discs do wear out and must remain within manufacturer’s thickness tolerances for safe and efficient performance.  We can also offer a range of upgraded rotors for heavy towing and performance driving.