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Tyres are one of the most vital components on your vehicle. We understand the importance of maintaining the only point of contact (your tyres) with the road surface. Tyres can cause your
vehicle to have increased stopping distance, vibrations and make the vehicle pull in one direction or the other, not to mention loss of grip in wet conditions. 

Tyres need to be in a good roadworthy condition free from damage and correctly inflated. They must have a minimum of 1.5 mm of tread across ¾ of the tread area of the tyre.
Incorrectly maintained tyres may be costly as incorrect pressures and alignments can prematurely wear out your investment. We can offer you a range of tyres to suit your vehicle


Here is a list of some of the things that can occur if your tyres are worn or aren’t correctly
balanced, inflated or maintained:


The Shock Shop Tyres Car pulling to one side
Car pulls right or left

Unevenly worn tyres can result in your vehicle pulling to one side. This can also be caused by uneven tyre pressures.

The Shock Shock Tyres Fuel Consumption
Excessive fuel consumption

Mismatched tread patterns, incorrect pressure even the wrong size tyre can lead to excessive fuel consuption.

Tyres Lacking Grip
Lack of grip

The minimum legal tread depth requirement in New Zealand is 1.5mm accross 3/4 of the tyres tread. Even with this amount of tread your vehicles tyres are struggling to expell water and keep contact with the road when it rains.

Tyre brake stopping distances
Extended stopping distance

Studies show that running your vehicle with tyres at the minimum legal tread depth of 1.5mm will require an additional 8 metres, the equivalent to the length of two cars to come to a complete stop when travelling at 100km/h.