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Shock Absorber Testing

Poor shock absorbers reduce your stopping distances

The Shock Shop Shock Absorber Testing

Shock Absorber Testing

We follow our simple procedures to deliver accuracy and results when testing your shocks.

The specialists at every Shock Shop store use a computerized shock teste to determine the performance of your vehicles' individual
shock absorbers and identifying when they need to be replaced.

Industry averages show that shock absorbers are only replaced in 8 out of every 100 cars inspected. Most workshop averages are much lower than this because shock absorbers are not tested.

Many workshops only look for leaking shocks, but all moving parts wear and shock absorbers are no different. The Shock Shop's shock absorber tester employs both the
“rebound method" and “damping ratio”, so you can leave out all the guesswork and offer an accurate diagnosis on your shock absorber performance.

How do you know if you need a shock test?


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The Shock Shop Shock Absorber Testing
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