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Shock shop free warranty extension

The Shock Shop Warranty Extension

Receive a warranty extension of one year (additional to the manufacturer’s warranty) free of charge when you purchase and install any shock absorbers from The Shock Shop.

 When you buy shock absorbers from The Shock Shop and have them installed onsite, not only do you benefit from our specialist expertise and experience, you’ll also receive a full one-year warranty extension, free of charge. This is additional to the manufacturers’ warranty, which means with top brands like Monroe already offering up to five years, you could be covered for six!

Following years of in-depth research into New Zealand’s roads and the cars that drive on them, we now stock the largest range of shock absorbers on the market. You know you can trust us to do the job right, so let us work with you to select and install the best shock absorbers for your car, lifestyle and budget.

At The Shock Shop we sell quality products from reputable brands and have confidence in our installers, which is why we can back our work with this extended warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Our stores are local and as a part of your community, we are committed to providing good service.


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